World Cup Coffees

Available at Your Corner Pantry

  • House Blend
    Full, mild blend designed to be lively and satisfying for that first wake up cup. Cup after cup, our most popular blend.
  • Splash
    Our most popular House Blend coffee with a "splash" of extra caffeine to give you that extra boost in the morning or that little kick in the afternoon.
  • Colombian
    From the lofty peaks of Colombia's southern mountains Corner Pantry brings you the smoothest South American coffee available.
  • Decaf Colombian
    Ninety-seven percent of the caffeine has been removed, so the smooth flavor of true Colombian can shine.
  • French Roast
    Darkly roasted to brew up rich and bright with a distinctive smoky aroma. Great with a splash of cream.
  • French Vanilla
    The softly sweet taste of vanilla complements the smokey smooth taste of French Roast beans made especially for Corner Pantry.
  • Hazelnut
    Light, lively, buttery and definitely hazelnut.
  • Feature Flavor
    Throughout the year, Corner Pantry and World Cup Coffee brings you a special brew to match the season. Explore the world of coffees with our rotating Feature Flavor program. Watch for great coffees from Peru, Tanzania, Hawaii, Guatemala, Panama and Mexico.